Become exposed to the unique opportunities the blockchain ecosystem has to offer. CV Labs provides a variety of services for its ecosystem and beyond. From Events to education services for startups, to advisory & excubation for companies. Feel free to send us an enquiry for any of our office locations.


Crypto Valley is not just the base for some of the world’s leading blockchain projects, but its also home to a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts. Our events calendar is also full of educational opportunities to deepen your knowledge of blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, and how to capture the value of emerging business models.




Our signature bi-weekly networking event occurs at our locations in Vaduz & Zug. Every second Thursday of the month, we invite guests and partners of CV Labs to join for an educational meet and greet with the Crypto Valley community.

The theme and content of the events are determined entirely by the week’s sponsor, who are also invited to display any relevant marketing material during the event. 

In doing so, the flare of the community can shine through and inspire, but also begin meaningful and impactful relationships with some of the greatest blockchain enthusiasts in the business.

Starting from: CHF 500


CV Labs Zug - Crypto Cafe

CV Labs Vaduz - Coreledger Lounge






Looking to create your own event? Our event spaces are available to create your own private event. We provide bright rooms with capacities of up to 150 people. All the spaces contain tech installations needed to support a variety of media events; additionally, we provide CVL Staff, drinks, and catering services upon request.

Starting from: CHF 900


CV Labs Zug - Liquid Lounge

CV Labs Vaduz - Coreledger Lounge






Looking to create your own event? Our event spaces are available to create your own private event.


We provide bright rooms with capacities of up to 150 people. All the spaces contain tech installations needed to support a variety of media events; additionally, we provide CVL Staff, drinks and catering services upon request. 

Prices: Upon request


CV Labs Zug - Liquid Lounge & Crypto Cafe

CV Labs Vaduz - Coreledger Lounge & Terrace




COMPETITION for blockchain startups

Are you a promising team or startup? Do you have a groundbreaking business idea based on blockchain technology? If so, then why not participate in the CV Competition, the Crypto Valley contest for the best projects (formerly known as Blockchain Competition). Each competition targets a specific industry: insurance 2017, finance 2018 and real estate 2019, with many more in the pipeline. The ten best ideas will present their venture on stage at the CV Summit in front of an exclusive audience comprised of blockchain industry figures and investors. The winner will be rewarded with a $100K cash prize, a year’s worth of free office space at CV Labs, and a program of professional coaching.


The ten best ideas will resent their venture on stage at the CV Summit in front of an exclusive audience from the blockchain industry and investors. The winner will be rewarded with a $100K cash prize, a year’s worth of free office space at CV Labs and a program of professional coaching.











CV Labs Network Partners are dedicated to helping the CV Labs community grow by bringing a wide range of services from legal to tax and marketing while supporting blockchain and crypto companies who settle in Zug.


They gain exclusive access to the startups settled in CV Labs - and as partners gain a unique opportunity to tap into one of the most dynamic startup ecosystems in the world, growing their own business footprint and competencies at the same time.


Additionally, CV Labs offers unique networking opportunities for interested parties. CV Labs fosters the blockchain ecosystem by hosting an array of industry events, from Wine and Vision, a bi-weekly networking meetup, to CV Summit – a CV Labs flagship event, which happens twice a year and travels to international huge international events, such as the Singapore FinTech Festival and the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.







Marketing & COntent creation

As an ecosystem builder, CV Labs offers a unique opportunity for the ambitious to launch their projects by utilizing the might of its social media and other channels. If you would like to work with us on an exciting project and require content marketing and promotional support, we would be happy to create a customized offer for you. Reach out for more details or check out our social media channels.



We have just recently launched a new exciting project at CV Labs. Podcast from Crypto Valley is an interview series on YouTube & Spotify documenting the inspiring stories of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the local and global blockchain community.


The podcast is designed to provide expert insights, advice and key learnings to early-stage startup founders.


In the Podcast from Crypto Valley, we discuss in detail different topics related to startup life, such as co-founding, fundraising, scaling, new business models and the practical application of blockchain technology. We also talk about venture capital business, trends, and developments in Crypto Valley’s and global blockchain scene.


Though crucially, we also dedicate attention to the ups and downs of entrepreneur life, major challenges on the road to success and how to overcome those challenges.


Blockchains, just like the Internet, are going to change everything. From how corporations monetize products, protect intellectual property, turn customers into communities, and the way employees are incentivized. We are experts in the blockchain space, and we will walk beside you, step-by-step, to help bring your business into the decentralized era.


Crypto Valley Labs is a hub where entrepreneurs, corporates, financial service firms, and industrial companies meet to develop their startups, business models, and new applications.


  • Talk to our team on how to take your business and ideas forward.
  • Want to follow the journey from supplier to the final customer better? We can help.
  • Want to issue a token within your ecosystem and build an active community around it? No problem.


With our expertise, we can help you and your business every step of the way, no matter where you’re headed.


"Outside the box" thinking in familiar surroundings is difficult - but essential for long-term success. We offer your teams so-called “excubation” - Temporary, project-oriented jobs in an innovative environment and networking with tech startups to develop new ideas and turn them into reality.



More than 100 teams from 30 different countries competed in our CV Competition, which was held for the first time in 2017. Thanks to our dedicated work in building the Crypto Valley and as a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association, we have a unique network of relationships for you to become engrossed in the startups emerging from across Europe and around the world.



Unsure if you can keep up with the pace of change? Is a lack of knowledge on how to implement your business case technically holding you back? Let’s work together, at CV Labs we host workshops that bring together technical experts, experienced managers, and international pioneers so that you have access to mentors and educators. These workshops can be transformative for a startup.



Innovation in action - start the process and send your team into a creative environment, let it work together with creative minds. We bring your employees together with innovative startups to learn from them on a daily basis.



What WE DO

CV VC invests up to $125K in great startups and offers a ten-week intense program in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Switzerland. Startups learn from the most successful and visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and mentors in the blockchain space and beyond. Spaces in our incubator are limited, so apply today!


We are always on the lookout for ground-breaking blockchain projects to disrupt legacy systems. We want founders looking to turn business-as-usual into the never-before-seen. We want entrepreneurs who eat, sleep and breathe their startup. We seek the ambitious, the revolutionary, and the avant-garde. We want the unicorns of innovation. Blockchain is our passion, show us yours.


We are committed to changing the world, and we think blockchain technology will play a massive part in that change. That is why we are bringing the sharpest minds and the brightest ideas together under one roof: CV Labs.


At CV Labs, the blockchain incubator, we bring the world’s most innovative thinkers and technologists together to use the most cutting-edge technologies of today. No matter what stage you are at, whether a first-time founder or a fast-growing startup, we have plenty to offer to help you thrive.








By pairing you with Crypto Valley’s greatest minds. You will learn, iterate, fail, pivot, pitch, and debate in a constructive environment of international, early-stage startups, all hungry to change the world for the better. From our rich experience in the startup space, we understand how challenging it is to secure the next investment round and keep your dream alive. That’s why we’ve designed our program around three principles.


Pitching - Perfect your pitch deck and learn how to convince investors to join you in changing the world.  

Product - Rapidly turn your solution into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by the end of 10 weeks.  

Strategy - Graduate with a foolproof business plan and white paper in hand. 


You will leave the program armed to the teeth with an outstanding pitch, an operational product, and a sound business strategy. To make it more exciting, we will match you with an entrepreneurial mentor to help you get the most out of the program. Ready to join our incubator? Apply within f6s.

Follow this link to access our FAQ's and More Information.

Our Startups

So far 22 startups from 12 countries around the globe have participated in two incubation batches.


Meet Batch_01 & Batch_02!




CV Labs is committed to developing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Business skills: ideation and design thinking, creating the hype, storytelling and public speaking. Technology skills: blockchain 101, smart contracts 101, Architect & Developer Training 101.


The courses are split into Business or Tech and cover a range of participants needs from explorers to advanced individuals, and finally, courses directed to professionals.


Externally at our location in Dubai, we offer extra modules combined with our partner Swisscom Blockchain starting from September. if you want to develop a fundamental understanding of how Blockchain-based solutions work in the Commodity Sector & Financial Service Industry contact us for more information.